The Inner Kingdom Consciousness™ Study Course was designed by Joel S. Goldsmith, and set aside with specific instructions. This work was not revealed to us until the late summer of 1997 when we found it in our office archives.

It is with reverence and gratitude that this great work is now available for the serious Infinite Way® student. This is a comprehensive study course designed by Joel to raise spiritual consciousness and for the development of Infinite Way® practitioners. The course is an individual course of study and it is recommended that each individual have their own set of course materials.

The Study course consists of a total of 36 chapters, (six years of six chapters each). Each chapter consists of a two CD set of side one and side two of the recording and the transcriptions of those recordings. Joel wanted students to listen to the recording of the lecture while they read along with the transcription. It will be up to the individual to order the next chapter whenever they are ready. You may not skip chapters.


The cost of first chapter of each year is $50.00, plus applicable Calif. Sales Tax and approx. $15.00 Shipping and Handling. This includes the 2 CD set, the transcription a binder to keep all six chapters  and a CD sleeve for the two CD set. The other five chapters of each year are $45.00 each, plus applicable Calif. Sales Tax and $7.15 Shipping and Handling. Shipping outside the US is higher.

You can upgrade/exchange previous study course tapes for CD's by paying a $15.00 upgrade fee, plus applicable Calif. Sales Tax and Shipping and Handling.


To sign up for the first chapter of year one of this course please send your name, address, phone number and check or money order for $50.00 (U.S. Funds) along with applicable California sales tax and the Shipping and Handling charges to The Infinite Way®, call the office and we can take the order over the phone or you may use our secure website with Visa or MasterCard. The order option on the website will give you exact Shipping and Handling charges and sales tax if required. .

A Special Closed Class will be conducted once a year for those students participating in the course. Please see our Classes page for more information.

Please remember that copying any of the materials is against copyright laws, not to mention it goes against the principals of The Infinite Way and the teachings of Joel S. Goldsmith.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the office and we will be happy to answer any questions.



Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students. Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well.



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