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"Because of the degree of oneness with the Father that is my experience, the degree of oneness with you and through you makes for a continuity of contact. Each LETTER provides the unfolding of a specific principles which we may embody in our daily experience; each one is a lesson in spiritual living."

Joel S. Goldsmith

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September 2003

Dear Friend:


If you were mind readers, you’d all be laughing now, because if you had read my mind, it would have really been a vaudeville show for you. I was sitting here and I was thinking of the most tragic thing in the world that I could possibly think about, and you know what it was? It was a little chicken just before it fights its way out of the egg. I was thinking of the little chick locked up inside of the egg, a full and complete chicken, and I was trying to live its feelings, wondering a little bit, really, what it had to live for.

If it looks around inside there, it is pretty dark. It might even feel a sense of hunger, and there is no food there. Above all things, there is no companionship. Here is this lone little chick locked up...tightly locked up...in this egg. It has nothing to be happy about, but on the other hand it has nothing to be unhappy about, because it doesn’t know what it is missing. It has never known the world. All it knows is being locked up in there---and not even knowing that it is locked up inside of this eggshell.

Now as far as the chick is concerned, I could see that the chick, in and of itself, might stay there forever, just living in that darkness, or living as long as it didn’t starve. It might even find enough food in there to keep it alive, not much more than that, to keep it existing. It really wouldn’t be living; it would be existing in there. And of itself, it could do nothing about it. There it is and there it is doomed to be, but fortunately for these little chicks there is something beyond themselves, there is something that causes that chick to peck at the shell, and to keep pecking at it until it breaks a hole in it, until it sees some light.

Oh, I suppose we could think of what goes on in a little chick’s thought, when it begins to catch that light outside and realizes, "Oh, oh, there is something out there, something I haven’t seen, something I haven’t felt, maybe some place I haven’t been!" And it keeps pecking away, it keeps pecking away, and something is making it do it.

We will call it a force of nature, like the unborn child just before it is born, that is being urged forward, forward, out, out. Not of it’s own self, it knows nothing about an outside world; it has no desire to get out. Probably, left to itself, it thinks, "I am pretty warm and comfortable here," but there is something urging. We call it a force of nature, which eventually will compel that child to be born. Something will compel that chick to break that shell and come outside, and find a great big world, a tremendous big yard to go looking for food, and oh, the amount of food in that yard! And all the other chicks out there to play with, and some rain.

Oh, you know more than I do; I’ve never been on a farm. You know what things that chick is going to find in the first six hours it is out of its shell---more things than a child is going to find at the foot of the Christmas tree on Christmas. Here it is now no longer restricted, no longer bound, but with the ability to look out there and see a million things, and hear things, and feel things, and experience things in a great big world.

Now what made me think of all this was the fact that going around and around inside here has been a thought that men, women, and children are prisoners of the mind. Think of the average man, woman and child, and see if they aren’t locked up inside of their minds, and they know not what is going on in this world except what’s going on in here---what they are thinking, their own limitations. They are living in there restricted, limited; they don’t know about the free world.

They don’t know about the coal in the ground, the oil in the ground, the diamonds, the platinums, gold and silver and copper, pearls in the sea. They don’t know anything. All they are doing is living inside here, in a shell that we call the skull. That’s where the average person is living, inside of their skull, seeing only their own thoughts, believing only their own concepts, their own limitations.

It’s a terrible world to live in, the world of one’s mind, because that mind doesn’t know anything beyond its own limitations. It knows nothing except what it has experienced, or what its parents told it or its Sunday school teacher, or somebody else that may have had a limited concept of the world. So it accepts every kind of belief that is given to it. It accepts every kind of law of limitation, and finally settles down on a little plot of ground about twenty by sixty and calls it home---lucky if they ever get one that is a hundred by a hundred, or call that home.

They eat, they drink, they sleep, they have families, but they are on a treadmill. They are living a life of limitation, locked up in here, not knowing a thing about the great big world and the wonderful people in the world, knowing nothing about the cattle on a thousand hills, the great mountains and the great seas. And even if they see them around, they just see them as scenery.

Some few are fortunate that the law---whether we want to call it nature or whether we want to call it God---something stirs inside of the mind and makes them wonder, "Is there something beyond this that I know? Is there something beyond this that I am seeing with my eyes, or hearing with my ears, or thinking with my mind?" We call it a desire to know God, or we call it a desire for Truth, or a reaching out for Truth. Sometimes it comes in the form of ambition, which makes a person want to break through their present circumstances and get out into a wider atmosphere of life, a broader atmosphere, something beyond their present limitations. Remember this, there are no limitations.

Just for a moment take the blinkers off your own eyes, and think of this ocean out front here, and the mountains around, and the world beyond the mountains, and the world beyond the seas. Notice...well, it might be a moonlight night...notice the moon up there and it is shining on the ocean, beauty, the picture it presents to us of a vast infinity, not only up in the sky but all around us in the sea, or lighting up those mountains, showing us something so vast, so far beyond our immediate reach. Or looking away from the moon to the dark part of the sky, see those millions of stars, each one a world, each one containing a story, each one containing an experience, each one telling us some kind of a story of its light, of its fire, of its being, of its reason for being right where it is, that which caused it to be.

Come down again to the daytime, just travel a few miles around the island, and see the vastness of space, even on a small island...the cattle on a thousand hills, trees, plants...and then begin to ask yourself why they are there, what they are doing there, what purpose do they serve? What do you think the answer would be if you could view all of this and then say to yourself, "Supposing there were no men and women on earth, to what purpose would all of this be? To what purpose would it be that there is a sun, a moon and stars, that there are cattle on a thousand hills, that there are tremendous trees of all kinds, plants, flowers, blooms, vegetables, fruit, diamonds in the ground, pearls in the sea? To what purpose, if there isn’t a man, if there isn’t a woman, if there isn’t what we know as human life on earth?"---which isn’t human life at all.

Once you begin to pick your way through this shell of the human mind and look outside, you will find that all of this is there for you and me. "The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and Son, all that I have is thine." Everything that exists, exists for you and for me. God has created a tremendous universe---but why, why?---not only for birds to fly around in, and fish to swim around in, but that we should travel around in, and own this, enjoy this.

And I don’t mean own it in the sense of having title to a little piece of land. Because it is only when you travel up in these modern planes---ten, twenty, thirty, forty thousand feet---and look down...even if you do say to yourself, "I own a mile of that," you’re a pretty puny individual if you think in terms of ‘owning’. But look down on there and say, "I am a man...a woman...I am a creature of God, and God made this for me, for my enjoyment!"

I wonder how these people feel who pay a million, or two million dollars, for a painting and know that we are going to have the pleasure of looking at it as much as they are for just a ten cent admission. I think it must make them feel kind of foolish, this sense of possession. How can you possess these works of art? Nobody possesses them except those who enjoy them. Those who enjoy them have a true sense of possession---so it is with the land, and so it is with the sea. Nobody can buy an ocean, and nobody can really buy a large enough piece of land to call it so.

And yet, if only we lift the restriction of this mind, come out of this ironclad skull, and instead of seeing our own limited thoughts, our own man made limitations, mind made limitations, come out of it and live. And not only exist anymore by eating three meals a day, or having place to sleep, or a family to be with, but come out, come out of that mind and live. Begin to see that a universe such as we have here must have been created by nothing less than what we call God.

To have created this universe takes all the wisdom of an infinite Intelligence, of a divine Love, a great Love...but love for what, or whom? It must have been a love or us, that all of this is given to us to love, to enjoy. Oh, you could go back to the art works that have come down to us for generations and generations, even as we have seen it over in Egypt, and in the Holy Lands, and in the Near East and the Far East...these great treasures that have come down from thousands of years...and they are here for us! The people who created them didn’t own them. The proof of it is, they had to give them up, and they had to give them up to all of the rest of the world who came after. That’s why they are here, not for us to own, to possess, but for us to own and enjoy through this knowledge that there must be a God.

There is a God! There is Something, a Spirit, that has created this great universe, and then set us down in it. And here it is.

You see, if we keep compressing ourselves inside of this skull, we are going to have no more vision than the chicken that is inside of that shell. That’s going to be the limit of its world. And this skull is going to be the limit of our world, and the little thoughts we think---we think---because they are the thoughts that come from just looking around the room we are in, or the little town we are in. We haven’t opened our mind to receive the pictures from the universal Mind, to receive the awareness of the divine qualities that exist throughout this world, the divine qualities that constitute art, and literature, and science, the qualities that exist as the love of men and women.

I don’t mean the family love. I am talking about the love, or relationships, on a worldwide scale, on an impersonal and personal scale, a love that is not limited to just the few people that are around us, but a sharing in the love of people throughout the world. How can we be aware of the fact that there are people anywhere in the world? There is only one way. You have to peck that shell open. You have to break through the limitations of this mind that tries to tell you there are only the people around us and the territory around. We have to open our vision, until the first thing you know, we are aware of sun, moon and stars, we are aware of oceans and of mountains.

The first thing you know, our vision goes wider, and wider, and wider. And the first thing you know, like Christopher Columbus, we are looking across the sea. The first thing you know, we are discovering there’s land across the sea, we haven’t seen it with our eyes, but now we have stopped this limited thinking based on only what we know, and we’ve opened ourselves to what God knows---to the God that placed us here, and that placed all of this here for us. And the first thing you know, God is beginning to tell us there is something beyond this land, there are people beyond this land, there are joys, there are glories, there are experiences beyond this land.

God doesn’t make us all travelers, but we’ve discovered that we don’t have to be. Once we’ve opened our mind, our consciousness, to the tremendous world about us, it begins to come to us. It comes to us in books. It comes to us in visitors. It comes to us in new experiences. It comes in interior revelations.

We would never have to leave our little island, and yet this whole universe could be brought to our doorstep, and in one way or another, we could enjoy the art, the literature, the sciences, the inventions, and the people. Because there always are enough of those traveling and going through, and one way or another, the joy would be ours of meeting them, but only if we’ve broken through this, so that we are not anchored down here to this finite sense that tells that we are restricted to the room we are in.

Now, the chick in its shell---if it could consciously think---would call that its world. But then, when the chick is out, and it is roaming around its barnyard, it goes a step further and thinks that is its world. Well, perhaps to the chick it is, but to us, it isn’t.

We are never confined to time or space, because we are not locked up in this skull. We are not even locked up in this body. This is where this Something, that is the force that is driving us to look out, to look up, to look around, we are not doing it of our own accord. Of our own accord, we are going to stay in our shell. Yet Something within us is nudging us, pushing us, compelling us to look around until we do become aware of this immensity all around us, and of the beauty and the harmony and the joy, the companionship, and the people, and the past and the present and the future. If we permit it, pretty soon we will have the feeling, expressed by the Greek: " Man, know thyself."

And the first thing you know---the chick can’t do it, but we can---we can begin to think, "Who am I. Why am I here on earth? Am I living at this moment, or am I only existing from one day to the other? Is my life just an existence between the home and the office, or the home and the market place? Is my life just an existence from one meal to the next meal, from one night’s sleep to the next night’s sleep; or am I living? Am I living? Am I a part of this world? Was this world meant for me? Was I born into a corner of the world, or was the whole world created and presented to me on a silver platter? Aren’t the heavens mine? Isn’t the earth mine?"

It was said to our ancient Hebrew prophet, "Look, look out! All of this land, that you can see, is yours. I give you land as far as your eyes can carry from a mountain top." The higher up you go, the further you will see. The higher you go in consciousness, the wider and broader will be your vision, and the more you will see.

The first thing you know, you realize---because it will happen... "Why, I am not even here. I am not even here on this limited piece of ground. I have broken through this limitation of the skull. I am no longer tied up inside of a skull bone. I am not even limited to this body. All of sudden, I am I. I am I."

"Now as I look up, I can see ten thousand miles of sky, and ten thousand miles of ocean, and I can see people of all nations, people of all qualities, and quantities. All of a sudden I find that I am I. I am out of the shell. I am out of the skull. I am on a mountain of vision, and I am hearing it... ‘All that you can see is yours.’"

See, see? Not with your eyesight, all that you can apprehend---all that you can comprehend---all that you can discern, anything that you can envision, is yours. "The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof...All that I have is thine." The whole earth, the times and the tides are thine. "I and my Father are One."

"Why, this world was created for me. I am heir to this universe, joint heir. I don’t want a title to it, any more than I want a title to the two million dollar painting. It is enough if I can go in when I feel like it and look at it. My soul is filled, my eye is filled, my mind is filled, what more can I do now except to go home, and in the quietness of my home, relive that beautiful painting. Do I just stand in front of it looking at it forever? It will grow stale. It will become nothing but daubs of paint. It is only as I take in the vision and turn away from it that I am enabled to enjoy it in my artistic soul; it is mine. It is mine more than the man who paid two million dollars for it, because he can only see its dollar value, its sense of possession."

There, too, he is locked up in his pocketbook. That’s a dark place, too, to be locked up in. It is a horrible place to be, locked up in a pocketbook. Thinking that we are confined to a pocketbook, even a big one, is a terrible place to be.

But the freedom, the freedom, when this that is within us forces us to go higher, higher, and higher in vision, getting more and more out of the skull, more and more realizing, "The true nature of my identity, why I am I. I am the offspring of God. I am heir of God, joint heir. There are no limitations to my inheritance, no limitations to my vision, no limitations to what I own. The whole earth is mine, the sun and the moon and the stars. How much more could I own than if I had legal title to them? I would still have to leave them where they are for everybody else to enjoy who hasn’t legal title to them."

This that pushes the chick out of the shell, this that is pushing us out of the shell, out of this limited skull, forces us to push those skull bones away so that we can be free and be the ‘I that I am’. Then look around and realize that wherever I look, I am meeting my brothers and my sisters. Wherever I look, I am seeing my mother and my father. Wherever I look, I am seeing my children, everywhere.

The vision through which I see is the vision that is given back to me. Even the birds and the dogs and the cats come running up to show that they recognize the fact that they have been seen by their brother. And they see their brother, then, and know as they are known.

You see, we aren’t limited to the twentieth century. There, too, being locked up in those skull bones makes us believe that our lives are being lived in the twentieth century. Oh, that is a small part of our lives. Our lives really encompass all of the past, and the present, and all of the future that we can climb high enough to vision.

If only we climb high enough in our spiritual vision, we can know this whole world for generations to come. It is all here to be seen; it is all here to be experienced. There is nothing that is going to be created tomorrow, not a thing.

All that was is now, all that ever will be is now, but you have to get up on the mountain top of vision to behold it. And the mountain of vision is when you have broken through all limitations and can say, "I am I,"...not "I am me,"...not "I am John, Mary Joel."

"I am I, the Son of God, heir of God, joint heir to all the heavenly riches." Then when we walk out, on the street, by the sea and the mountains, flying through the air, there is a whole lot different feeling. There is no sense of personal possession; there is just the sense of enjoyment of all there Is, because it is free. It is free.

At the very beginning of my work, a man dedicated a poem to me, and he called it, The Greatest Things in Life are Free. The reason was, he was a very prosperous man, a very successful businessman, and well, he had no time, that was his whole trouble. He just had no time. Morning, noon, and night---all night---he had to work at his possessions. As he studied with me, I would say to him, "Let’s take this weekend off."

"Oh, oh, I can’t do that, I can’t do that. No, I have to take care of my business, I have..."

"Oh, well, now come on, let’s have a few hours..."

"No! Oh, oh, I just have appointments, and I..."

"Well, now, what are you going to do with all this money? After all, at the rate you are going, you’ll probably drop dead before you get a vacation to spend it on." And so it was that out of the Spirit it came, "Let’s look around here and see if we can’t find some things to enjoy that don’t cost any money. Let’s go over to Central Park, just stand around those lakes and watch the kids with their little boats," so forth and so on.

The first thing you know, we were in Central Park, and on another time we were on a roof garden, another time we went to a musical concert. The first thing you know, he began to say, "You know, really the great things in life are free." Ah, yes, if you can free yourself.

There is where we lose out. The world is free, but we aren’t free. So he wrote this poem which later became a song, The Greatest Things in Life are Free; but they aren’t, really. The things in life never had a price tag on them; nothing in this life ever had a price tag. We place the price tag on them. It is because we aren’t free that we bind everything into a price tag. The moment we realize that space doesn’t cost money, we’d really find that we could afford an airplane trip, or a steamship trip. It is while we have a price tag on it and say, "So many miles cost so many dollars," that we have just put time and space in a price bracket.

We’ve done it with everything else. We’ve done it with holidays. We’ve done it with Saturdays and with Sundays. We’ve counted the cost. We’ve put a label on them, and then said, "I can’t have it." But you see, God never put a price on time or space or place. God never put a price on parks, on greens, on mountains, on lakes, on oceans. It is only when we are locked up in this skull that we can see the limitations that the human mind has placed on things.

Come out, break through the limitations of the mind. Don’t believe these signs that you see. Work more with yourself. Realize who you are. Realize there is no greater experience in the world than taking a day off for walking where you can see mountains and sea and sun and moon and stars!



The 2003 September Monthly Letter was taken from the 1961 Maui Advanced Work #436, Reel 3, Side 1.


Dear Friends:

It is the limitation of our beliefs that makes us live like the unborn chick locked in its shell, and it is the Truth that compels us to break free.

Love and aloha,



Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students. Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well.



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