In loving dedication to Emma A. Goldsmith whose founding of the Tape Department in 1950 at Joel's request and to her loyal dedication to the preservation of the more than 1300 hours of class and lecture work, is the reason we have these wonderful recordings today.

For the first time in history, we have the words of a mystical master in his own voice. Joel established this Office so that students would always have his original recordings. We celebrate in all the background noises present on the day of the recordings. Even Joel would say "Now I know that I am in the right place." They are old recordings, but they are the pearl of great price, and we are dedicated to preserving them for those students who are seriously interested in listening to the true message of The Infinite Way. Join us in the spiritual recognition of that Consciousness that has maintained and sustained this work for more than fifty years.

Each of the audio recordings is approximately (2) two hours in length. These recordings of Joel's class and lecture work were recorded in locations all over the world. Sometimes there were only a handful of students present and other times Joel was speaking to hundreds of students at a time. Joel often reminded those students present at a class or lecture they must review what had been presented by later listening to the tape recordings that were being made that day. In 1951, students were listening to this message on 7" reel-to-reel tapes, then in 1972 these recordings became available in cassette form and since 2003, they have been available on Compact Disc (CD).


The Infinite Way is very proud to be able to continue to make the audio recordings of Joel S. Goldsmith's classes and lectures available on Compact Disc (CD). These CD's have been taken from the original 7" reel-to-reel tape that Joel first recorded. During this process we improved the sound quality of the recordings, removing only those artificial noises not present when the recording first took place. The recording integrity of the initial lecture is untouched. You will find that all background noises, i.e. trucks, dogs, airplanes, etc. still remain, as we feel that they are a part of the experience of being there.

Each tape title consists of a 2 CD set. The cost of each CD set will be $25.00 plus shipping and handling. Our office is offering an upgrade/exchange from cassette tapes that have been purchased from The Infinite Way office. Cassette tapes, of the same title, can be upgraded to CD for a charge of $15.00 each, plus s & h. Please note that your old cassettes must be returned to the office with your upgrade request in order to receive the reduced rate.

The order in which these groupings have been selected for release is based upon those recordings receiving the most requests over the last three years; the more popular recordings being the first to be released, and then working on from there. No other recordings will be released in CD form other than those designated on the release list. Only those titles on the release list are available in CD form.



We would like to request your patience during this time and ask you to share in the joy of having these 50+ year old recordings now available in one of the latest technologies.

We are excited to be able to continue making these CD recordings available, this project has been very complicated, and will always remain a work in progress. We will always be looking at new technologies to enhance the sound quality of these recordings, keeping in mind their origins.

Finally, we would like to thank all of those individuals who participated in this project, for without your assistance and support, and patience, this project could not have been possible at this time.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,
The Infinite Way Staff



Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students. Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well.



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