Cassette Tape Availability

Dear Students,

The Infinite Way Office has continuously provided the authentic original recordings of Joel Goldsmith’s classes and lectures.  Over the years, the technology has changed from reel-to-reel format to cassettes, to CDs, and now to purely-digital MP3 format.

 Years ago, we had to stop offering the reel-to-reel format.  Now, blank cassette tapes have become so obsolete that we cannot obtain them. Therefore, we regret that we will no longer be able to provide Joel’s recordings on cassettes. Of course, all recordings remain available as CDs and as MP3 downloads. We will continue to offer upgrades for cassettes that were originally purchased from us.  We will replace the cassette with a 2-CD set for an upgrade fee of $15.00 for each cassette, plus shipping and California sales tax if applicable.

 If you do not own a CD player, you might want to consider buying one. Today, a player can be can purchased for as little as $20.

 We are glad to answer any questions by phone or email.



Mission Inn Class

We are very pleased to announce our 2019 Fall Class at the beautiful and historic Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, California on Saturday, October 26, 2019. The Mission Inn is a resort in the Spanish grand tradition, an architectural landmark, with arched cathedral ceilings, courtyards, and gardens. With its own rich history, and hundreds of art pieces collected from all over the world, The Mission Inn conducts daily tours.

Joel Goldsmith Library Search Tool

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Library Search tool. It now includes the transcripts of all of Joel’s Classes. This has been accomplished in cooperation with Acropolis Books. This tool now allows students to search words or phrases from books only, transcripts of the lectures only, or both books and transcripts. It can be accessed from our home page (Library Search tab) as well as from Updated instructions are available from the search tool page. We hope students of the message will find this tool very useful.



Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students. Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well.



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