1. Who is Joel S. Goldsmith?

2. What is the Infinite Way®?

3. Are there any other Infinite Way® offices?

4. I see others representing themselves as The Infinite Way® or as an Infinite Way® activity. They even use the trademark symbol "®". Are they associated with Joel's office of The Infinite Way®?

5. Are there any other Infinite Way® sources?

6. Who is Emma A. Goldsmith?

7. Who is Thelma G. McDonald?

8. Can I copy materials I get from the Infinite Way®?

9. What is meant by the "pure" message of The Infinite Way®?

10. Can I pay for my Infinite Way® materials with a credit card?

11. Will there be someone to answer the phone if I call the Office directly?

12. Whom can I contact when I need help from a Practitioner?

13. Is there an Infinite Way® tape group near me?

14. Practitioner and Healing Work?

15. When I place an order for Infinite Way® materials, how long before my order is shipped?

16. Do you still conduct lectures or classes?



Q1: Who is Joel S. Goldsmith?

A: Joel S. Goldsmith lived from 1892 to 1964. He was a great mystical teacher, author and healer. In 1947, he gained national recognition with the publication of his book, The Infinite Way. This book came about as a result of Joel’s many years of study and meditation, his healing work, and the spiritual revelations that came to him during the course of his lifetime. He went on to write numerous books on mysticism and mystical living. He lectured on these revelations widely throughout the world. His teaching has been a source of inspiration and help to millions.

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Q2: What is The Infinite Way®?

A: The Infinite Way is the name of the first book published by Joel S. Goldsmith. While he continued to write books, Mr. Goldsmith also carried on with his healing and practitioner work, and conducted lecture classes. Subsequently, Joel received many more requests to lecture across the country and in many parts of the world. Early on, students came to Joel and asked if he would audio record his lectures. In 1951, Joel established an office and called it ‘The Infinite Way’, and therein deposited all of his original writings and book manuscripts, and all of his original recordings. Students refer to Joel's work as The Infinite Way message. It is a blueprint for the attainment of God realization.

The Infinite Way message was brought to this world through the spiritual revelations of Joel S. Goldsmith. It is a mystical message by which students are taught spiritual Principles to live by and practice for God realization and harmonious living. Joel’s healing and practitioner work was a demonstration of the spiritual Principles of this message. He traveled the world and lectured extensively by invitation. Joel did not advertise. The Infinite Way remains a world-recognized name by the sheer momentum of its spiritual application.

This message is an individual experience. We have thousands of stories from students who found this message in a wonderfully timely and mystical way. Infinite Way students are all around the world. One tenet of The Infinite Way instructs us to seek God aright in the secret, sacred silence of our inner Kingdom. There are many of us in the world, yet we are not a congregation. Our bond comes from the shared desire to seek God aright, to live in this world harmoniously, but not be subject to it.

The Infinite Way remains the same office that Joel S. Goldsmith established in his lifetime, and where all of his original materials continue to be preserved and maintained. Interested students are invited to contact us for more information on The Infinite Way materials.

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Q3: Are there any other Infinite Way® offices?

A: Joel S. Goldsmith created only one office of The Infinite Way. It remains the sole source of his original presentations of The Infinite Way message. This is where he deposited all of his work.

The Infinite Way name was trademarked ® to insure students that they were in contact with Joel's original presentations of the message.

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Q4: I see others representing themselves as The Infinite Way® or an Infinite Way® activity. They even use the trademark symbol "®". Are they associated with Joel's office of The Infinite Way®?

A: No. Joel Goldsmith established and authorized only this office to distribute his original presentations, other than the book publishers who work in cooperation with us. Joel’s purpose was to insure that students would always have one reliable source for the original message. Joel remains the best teacher of the Infinite Way message.

During his lifetime, Joel was very concerned about over editing and changes, revisions, to the message. He knew that in time attempts would be made to change the message to make it more commercially appealing, even abridge and reconstruct the text for other purposes. In changing just a few words, Joel knew that the entire meaning of the message could become obsolete. So Joel carefully supervised and reviewed all publications before they were sent to the publishers, and set forth specific instructions for the audio recording procedures. He also left further instructions, which are followed to this day, regarding the fundamental emphasis on preserving the original text and audio presentations.

The Infinite Way has no organization, no congregations, and this was an instruction Joel made very clear in all his tapes and publications. We have no fees or dues. We do not advertise or solicit for donations or participants. We have no mailing lists of student’s names. We do not have fees for healing or practitioner work. We are not involved in chat rooms, and other such social activities. Joel felt that all of these interfered with meaningful spiritual development.

We do offer the original presentations of The Infinite Way message. Joel’s work came from divine inspiration. Joel often mentioned that many times in his lecture work that revelations would come through in a Class and they would be the first time he heard it as well. We also provide support for students with practitioner work, Class work, healing work. We have a dedicated staff at The Infinite Way to help students in any way we can.

We have Infinite Way practitioners with whom we work in loving cooperation. For any further information we advise you to contact The Infinite Way office.

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Q5: Are there any other Infinite Way® sources?

A: Other than legitimate book publications, this office remains the sole source for Joel's original presentations. Only the works of Joel S. Goldsmith should be considered Infinite Way materials.

All of Joel’s handwritten manuscripts are here, all his original recordings, hundreds of letters he wrote over the years are deposited here, and numerous essays and papers. This office has recordings and writings that the world has not yet heard or seen, and no other source has these original archives. We are making every effort to bring these to the world.

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Q6: Who is Emma A. Goldsmith?

A: Emma A. Goldsmith was the wife of Joel S. Goldsmith. She lived from 1904 to 1986. In 1951, Emma helped Joel to establish "The Tape Department" in The Infinite Way, and while he traveled the world and lectured, she made and distributed the tape recordings. Emma later joined Joel on his world lecture tours. After Joel made his transition from this plane in 1964, Emma continued to travel the world to carry on with Joel’s work, and kept in contact with Infinite Way students. She never made her own audio recordings; instead she always referred students to Joel’s recordings. She also introduced new students to the message, and continued on as a successful healer and practitioner.

In 1977, through a legal conveyance of business, Emma directed her daughter, Mrs. Geri McDonald, to take on the responsibilities of the office and Joel’s work. Emma’s early work with the Tape Department was most instrumental in the preservation of this message, where today we are so fortunate to have the recorded voice of the master who first revealed this message to the world.

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Q7: Who is Thelma G. McDonald?

A: Thelma G. McDonald (Geri) is the daughter of Emma A. Goldsmith. Her stepfather was Joel S. Goldsmith. She became an Infinite Way student in 1948. Joel S. Goldsmith called Geri "Daughter". As a family member, Geri received special instructions from Joel and Emma for many years about the Infinite Way message, and the office. Just before his transition, Joel spoke these last words to Geri, "I’ve ripped the veil, don’t ever let them put it back!" Joel was adamant about the message remaining intact.

In 1960, Geri began working for Joel and Emma in The Infinite Way. In 1977, there was a legal conveyance of business whereby Emma directed Geri to take on the full responsibilities of The Infinite Way. Geri continues in this capacity today, and has made every effort in her lifetime to preserve the pure message. All materials of the Infinite Way message, provided to students through this office, are in presented in their original form. There is no editing.

Geri is also actively involved providing Classes on The Infinite Way Message, however, she makes no tape recordings. She refers students to Joel’s recordings. She remains a busy practitioner and healer, and a devoted Infinite Way student.

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Q8: Can I copy materials I get from The Infinite Way®?

A: No. No one has permission to copy any materials from The Infinite Way; this includes the tape recordings, transcripts, and any written literature. These materials are all copyrighted. Joel S. Goldsmith actively participated in copyright procedures. We ask that all copyrights be respected, as this process is an important step in preserving the original presentations. If you should have any questions about this, please feel free to call the office.

We must dedicate ourselves in the observance of copyright integrity, so as to leave this important spiritual message intact for those who come after us. It is our responsibility to participate in the preservation of those same spiritual building tools we had. For our active cooperation will be a demonstration to the full benefit of students in the future.

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Q9: What is meant by the "pure" message of The Infinite Way®?

A: As with every master who has been upon this earth and left a spiritual message, people with good intentions think to add to perfection. In time with subtle changes here and there, the pure inspiration of the original presentation is compromised, and then lost. It is so important to keep preserved all this work so that those who come after us will have the same tools we had to seek the Father aright.

It has been nearly 40 years since Joel S. Goldsmith made his transition from this plane, and his original works remain in this office for the truly interested student. Who can say it better than the master who revealed it? Only the works of Joel S. Goldsmith should be called Infinite Way materials.

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Q10: Can I pay for my Infinite Way® materials with a credit card?

A: Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard for all purchases of Infinite Way materials.

All materials from our office can be purchased through our online catalog.

Please do not email your credit card information, as email is not a secure form of communication.

We are sorry; we are unable to accept any foreign currency for payment.

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Q11: Will there be someone to answer the phone if I call the Office directly?

A: We are available in the office Monday thru Friday. Our staff will be in the office most normal business hours. Please, always leave a message on the answering machine if no one is readily available. We could be helping another student on the phone, or we could have briefly stepped away from the phone. Your call is important. We will return your call as soon as possible. Please see our Contact Us page for more information on contacting The Infinite Way.

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Q12: Whom can I contact when I need help from a Practitioner?

A: You can contact Mrs. Geri McDonald directly by phone at 951-656-1215 or 1-800-922-3195 or by e-mail at info@joelgoldsmith.com.

If you reach the answering machine when you call, please leave your name and phone number along with your request for help and your request will be forwarded to Mrs. McDonald.

Mrs. McDonald's daughter, Mrs. Sue Ropac, is also a teacher and practitioner of The Infinite Way. Mrs. Ropac can be reached directly at 1-800-922-3195 or by e-mail address practitioner@joelgoldsmith.com.

If you just want help and don't need to talk to a Practitioner, you can leave your name and request help on the voice messaging systems for either Mrs. McDonald or Mrs. Ropac.

There are no fees for healing, teaching or practitioner work.

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Q13: Is there an Infinite Way® tape group near me?

A: Tape groups came about in a very simple way. In the 1950's, when Joel was first traveling and lecturing, very few people had reel-to-reel tape players. They were quite an expensive item and there were only a few students here and there that could afford to have them. Groups gathered at the homes of those who had the tape players, so all could listen to the Class recordings as they became available from Joel's lecture tours. After listening to the tape students were to go back to their homes and continue their individual study on what they had heard. It never was or should be a center for organized activities.

Although Joel gave some guidelines to students trying to establish a tape group, in an attempt to keep the emphasis on individual study, some groups lost this focus. Joel was very deliberate when he emphasized a student’s individual study work.

Joel’s spiritual enlightenment did not come from group meetings or study centers. Enlightenment came from work and meditation in the secret, sacred silence of individual study. This was why Joel emphasized individual study because this was how he attained enlightenment. The tape group forum was recommended only as a tool to listen to the message. Most students today have their own tapes for this function.

We understand that students would like to come together now and then and commune with one another, as long as it is understood that we make our greatest spiritual attainment when we practice in the secret, sacred, silence. It is in the silence where we attain God awareness. We come together at Class time, and then we go home and study.

Due to the number of students who have expressed concerns about some group activities, we no longer make referrals. However, if you have a tape group, we encourage you to stay in contact with the office. In this way we can better serve the students.

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Q14: Practitioner and Healing work?

A: Joel never charged for practitioner and healing work. In keeping with Joel’s instructions, we still provide help to students at no cost. For more information on contacting practitioners, please see our other FAQ on this subject.

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Q15: When I place an order for Infinite Way® materials, how long before my order is shipped?

A: We make every effort to invoice, duplicate, package and ship your order as quickly as possible.

Delays beyond our control can sometimes prevent us from filling your order as quickly as we would like and so we ask for your patience during these times.

Depending on your location in the world, your order should be received within 3 to 15 working days of us receiving your order. To reduce the time in receiving your materials, we suggest calling, faxing or using our online catalog.

All materials from our office are sent by either first class or priority mail. In the case of shipment outside the U.S., we use airmail.

Because packages can be lost during shipment, if at any time you feel that your materials are overdue please feel free to contact us and find out the date that it was shipped.

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Q16: Do you still conduct lectures or classes?

A: Yes, we are still actively involved in Class work. We make announcements of upcoming classes in The Monthly Letter and on our West CoastEast Coast and Hawaii class pages of this website.

We conduct classes and lectures in those cities where we are invited. We are not able to conduct these classes in all cities where we are invited, so we must choose those cities that students have indicated the greatest amount of interest.

If you would like to have a class in your community please contact us to give us your request for upcoming classes.

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Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students. Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well.



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